Stuff* Happens

Events of the past few months have caused me to reexamine my life, commitment, and longevity. Starting late February my already busy life became Extremely busy and complicated. I am the key contact for multiple organizations and many events that happen in the calendar year. Just before the 1st of March the Vienna Fire Department started a run of working incidents. Several were house fires and wind incidents that took a tremendous toll on time and physical effort. Losing sleep and working harder grinds you to a standstill if something doesn’t give.

Wilson’s Garage had a blast of customers calling and coming by the shop. We had enjoyed a busy February but March took off. College spring break and then High school caused me to say YES,YES, YES, when asked if we could geterdun…Roberta joined in and we actually did 3 fuel pumps in one day. ZOOM ZOOM. House fires into the wee hours and on top of it all I hurt my knee at the first big fire. The knee pain was very minimal at first. I motored through about 5 weeks thinking it would get better. It did not.

I was ramping up the camping with the Scouts, Eagle projects were coming, Order of the Arrow activities were starting up , and I was responsible for the next camping trip… Backpacking. I was having trouble making it through the day with a little swelling in the rt knee. I was not sure I could work or play… My brother in Law heard me whining and said why not go get it checked out?  I bit the bullet and worked my way through the Workman’s Comp  labyrinth and found my old Orthopod. They had changed names and the Doc that took care of me twice retired. I asked for a New Young and innovative Dr. and Got  Dr. McCabe. Excellent listener and interested in my past knee issues.

Long story shortened… I got sentenced to Rehab and when the Doc found out I was working out everyday he said just Google the knee rehab and no more jumping. I got a cortisone shot and out the door I went. I have a torn meniscus and am OLD. No more jumping off Decks. Rehab for 4-6 week and keep up the leg exercises. Whew.

I went backpacking, I am Rehabbing, I still have slight knee pain. I think the swelling is down and the fluid has been absorbed by my body. I still have some lateral movement issue and have even danced some. What do you Know? I was about to have to retire from several activities and slow others way down. I guess that’s ahead but not right now…





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