Too Many Things to Do!!!

Life seems to run into cycles and up and down intensity. I can only do so much and then I involve many others in my daily activities. I remember a skit by Red Skelton keeping plates balanced . He got them up on sticks and spinning and then realized he had too many and could not reach all of them to keep them up. By the end of the skit he had dropped and broken all the plates.

My MOM says I have too much to do. She is right. Spring is my task master. Every organization , fun event, and required stuff is due by the end of May or School ending. We rush toward summer knowing folks will just leave and not be available. Every volunteer organization has a fund-raiser, or event in the Spring.

My silliest season used to be Fair Time. The Fall harvest fair was a major event for the Northwest Piedmont. Several activities revolved around the Fair. Our Civic Club left the fair because of low turnout to work the grueling schedule. It was a major money-maker that had dwindled to less than minimum wage for the hours we put in. Whew Free time!!!

The free time was used up in other fund-raisers for a number of organizations. I spend my days working for my business and my evenings and weekends for the groups I support. Scouting takes as many hours as the Volunteer Fire Department for the simple reason I am away from my community for weekends and extended trips in the summers.. Our Church  gets as much time as I can give. I love the service to others and the close relationship I have with God and my congregation. I feel at home with my church members and wish the same feelings for all in my community.

I feel overwhelmed but when I get down to making my lists I have a lot of down time. Pieces of my day that I can be productive are readily apparent when I put it down on my electronic calendar and my paper calendar. I learned the time management in College and have not looked back. I can get things done and have my deadlines in black n white.

Manage the time we have on this Earth. GeterDun. Have fun, Work, Sleep. Full day!!!

Remember working 12 hours is only Half a DAY!

Make the most or Your Day!





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