Benevolence has its Benefits

Giving was taught to me early in life. I followed my Mother Kay Lasley’s sacrifice. She saved and was extremely conservative after my Father John died at 38 yrs old in 1971. We lived within our means very simply.  She taught me a life of service and offering. My Sunday School teachers all had an impact with offering coming first before other expenses. My early pastors preached the tithe and gave little in direction about how much or how to achieve these goals. Mom lived the way I just had to pay attention!

Mom used powdered milk and bread crumbs to her best advantage. We never knew what whole milk was or that a hamburger could taste like meat. I still yearn for the burger I ate as a child. Breadcrumbs, Worcestershire, egg and some hamburger. Pan fried because grills would break it up and the burgers would crumble. Cheese topping each burger as a binder and maybe left just a little too long in the pan for that crust on the bottom….I think I can still smell the pan full and hear the sizzle…Bread from the day old shelf or even older, we visited the local store or went by the outlet.

What Mom did not tell us directly we learned by watching. Each month she wrote her check to the church before any bills were paid or shopping was done. Extra donations and bills were handled as the need arose. Sometimes we had it all and sometimes we had a few benefactors. We might find a gift of can goods or someone would have “Extra” hamburger from a slaughter. Sometimes folks just showed up to share their bounty. Mom stretched our money with thousands of coupons. We ate off dishes from the local EXXON. Glasses were dried meat containers, I loved Sunday night Soup n sandwich. Baloney and Campbell’s tomato soup.

Scouting taught me many folks were way worse off than I was. Our peers and Scoutmasters had a servant mentality. Woodrow Jennings would only buy a vehicle for less than $500. He made it his responsibility to get all youth to Camp. Assistant Scoutmasters  pulled money out of their pockets to make sure we had enough. We cleaned the roadside and worked at the Community Center and Volunteered at churches and soup kitchens and the Fair. We played as hard as we worked. We learned how to survive outdoors and leadership while we learned Service to Others.

ACDELCO has been a trusted part manufacturer for the Last 100 Years #ACDELCO100. I was taught that the parts are engineered for the manufacturers specs and we should not use anything else. Mr. Wilson used Auto Supply Co. and I did too when I started making the decisions to purchase parts for my customers. The ACDELCO company and General Motors looked at the automotive aftermarket a little differently than other companies. they shared information and training way before others did. Some still do not share and lie about it.

The Professional Service Center Program gives Independent repair facilities the Signage, Training, Program Support, and Incentives to purchase and sell ACDELCO and General Motors. ACDELCO turned 100 years old Wednesday May 11th. To celebrate they Gave away Millions of dollars in Auto Parts, Signage, and promotional materials. GM and ACDELCO personnel attended ONE DAY OF SERVICE nationwide. I was honored to have Wilson’s Garage Participate!!!

ACDELCO partnered with SAFE KIDS. With ACDELCO providing the parts Wilson’s  provided service  to 12 families and checked 15 car seats. My Safe Kids representative Luly Beckles was absolutely amazing. She has a passion and a spark to ignite your passions too. I was so moved by the response to our One Day of Service I am ready for the next round. Thanks ACDELCO, Thanks LULY, Thanks to our Team -Roberta, Jim, Richard, and Billy. Special thanks to Auto Supply Co. They kept us in Parts all day!

The benevolence seems to pay the biggest dividends to the giver. I am truly moved and inspired to be able to use my skills for good. Volunteer Firefighter and now Volunteer Mechanic… Thanks again



2 thoughts on “Benevolence has its Benefits

  1. Tim you are a rare person. Thank you so much for helping us out in tough times. Thank you and God bless.
    Tim and Bonnie Flinchim


  2. EXCELLENT article again Tim! You should consider writing as 2nd career, you seem to be really good at it! I have know you many, many years since that fateful day in 1971! You are a great leader, person, and I consider friend! Keep doing what you are doing! Sincerely, W. Eric Smith, Sr., and fellow Wolfpack fan for life!


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