Community Service

In May Wilson’s Garage of Pfafftown Inc. was given the opportunity to give back to our community. We had 2 events that created a tremendous impact for our local as well as our extended communities. The first was planned and executed after the second event was planned. Both were great ways to showcase the skills of the Mechanics and Owners of Wilson’s. The already deep community involvement of the Lasley family and all the Staff was spotlighted not just locally but county-wide. ACDELCO planned to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Brand. Wilson’s has used the ACDELCO brand auto parts since 1950. The Wed May 11th was the actual anniversary. ACDELCO worked with our Shop and 14 other Repair shops around the Country to give away Auto Repair to needy Families.

The Day of Service event was a great success because of Luly from Safe Kids NC. Luly found and worked with 12 families that had safety issues or just needed some repair. She and her team also checked 15 car seats that day. Wilson’s got every vehicle a 27 point checkup and serviced and repaired all safety issues. We found 2 vehicles that really need repairs. Brakes and sway bar bushings and tune-up and oil changes and light bulbs were the most repaired items. The Staff at Wilson’s even stayed late to fix a new customers starter that quit across the street. The  mostly ladies that drove these vehicles were very grateful. They are bringing us Lunch Today..

The second Event was the Go the Extra Mile for Chuck Harmon and the NWNC Food Bank. Chuck is going to Walk the whole 9 county area to highlight the Summer need for Food and especially Backpack kids programs Chuck is going to Walk the Mt to Sea trail and stop each day to report the needs in Each County. Vienna Fire Department gave the OK to hold a Food drive and Exercise day on May 18th. WOW the community of Vienna, Lewisville and surrounding areas really turned out in support. The Hungry Children of the Northwest Piedmont were the beneficiary’s of Vienna’s generosity. 26 crates of food and 10,000 dollars were raised. A magnificent corporate Sponsor matched the Cash donations. Money and Food will allow NWNCFB to feed 144,000 meals. WOW

I was also involved in a 3rd event that consumed all my time and intelligence. The Department of Insurance State of NC rates all Fire Departments. This was the Year for our rating. Months of Preparation and I ended up spending 24 of the first 48 hrs at the Fire Department. Both Monday and Tuesday were physically and mentally grueling. The first day I was on the spot and everything I said was taken into account. Procedures, Training, Responses, Equipment and Personnel all were inspected. Mediocre firefighters look out. Giving less than 100% and you were singled out and questioned. Training locations were examined and old county Policies began to make sense. Each department getting away from the way we trained and not going to the training ground cost the department and this  was eventually Points.

We need points to have a great score and low insurance rates. The best a department can do by itself is 500 points. Using the communications and water system for Forsyth county is another 500 . 900 or better and you get a #1 … Probably not here. We can expect about a 5 or lower.

I have been consumed and dragged my Whole Family through it all. I am not sorry to see May 2016 go. I need another vacation and one is coming up…. Yeah



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