Hot Hot Hot

I look forward to the Summer every Winter. I forget each winter how hot it gets in the Piedmont of NC. After the first few bursts of heat in the Spring we usually get a mild spell then the Heat ramps up. Just a tease of Hot with lower humidity. Then the Official Dog days of Summer are Here to stay. Blistering Heat and Oppressive Humidity start early in the day and last into the night. AC units are on Stomp and fans in hot spaces just burn you more.
This year it went hot early and stayed hot. The Lasley Beach trip was early so Great. I used the Grandview Pool more often. I was glad to see cooling clouds and thunder showers. Usually by this time we of the Wilson’s Garage are acclimated to the hot. Consuming lots of H20 and learning not to stand in the Sun are second nature. I caught myself not drinking and downed a liter and filled up. That’s when I thought about getting out in this heat and doing anything as a Firefighter.

I am not a young as I used to be. I still think I am better prepared to wear all that gear. I workout and work in the heat everyday. My body is able to shed some of the heat and I perspire profusely . I get red in the face and fill my boots with sweat but am usually good to go healthy wise.

Vienna had a wreck this week that required full gear. Car down embankment requires Ladder, ZdragWarrior, stokes basket, and multiple personnel to go down into the briars and poison oak n snakes to access the patients. Very seldom do we need to cut anyone out but we can do it too. EMS is usually glad to jump into gear a slide down too. We get the patients packaged and ready for a ride up the hill.  Some are hurt and quiet and some are noisy and usually just embarrassed. Personnel are usually very hot by the time we are done. Heat stress sneaks up on us during a rescue. We are in gear longer than house fires. We watch and let personnel shed coats if possible. Hard work and heat will knock a really fit person quickly.

2 out of the 3 week I was at camp for Wed Ceremony there has been a person get too hot in the stands. Many factors are in play that we may never know. Age, medication, hydration, stress, fatigue are all factors. Both patients required some time at the FAMOUS RAVEN KNOB MEDICAL CENTER. Both were alert when transported. Both became  unusually still and pale and unresponsive. Both when stimulated gave a response. Laying down was the ticket to be able to move both patients. Heat took its toll on the folks.

I am glad to be very prepared. I love my job but feel like Richard some days. He says: “I wish this heat would get on out of Here”

Yall Stay Safe




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