Hot, Camp, and Looking Forward

The past few weeks have run together. Vacation and Work, and Volunteering, and Camp and Back to Work. The temperature brings out the beast in all of us. Working in the heat is both a blessing and the proverbial curse. Blessing is we stay hydrated and are acclimated to the heat. The curse is we are acclimated and completely drained by the end of the Day.
Activities after work are most of the time blown off! Cool dark rooms with fans and more water are sought out. Pools are like bathwater right now so a cold shower and AC is the fix. Eating is light fare. Vegetables from the garden and nothing hot is supper. The grill is fired up and then quickly shut off if used.
Our latest heatwave started while my Troop 919 was at Camp Raven Knob. We are like pigs in slop when Adult leaders get to go to camp with the youth. I get to do stuff I don’t usually do. Physical labor but not mechanical repair. Roofs, buildings, wood, electrical, and many other tasks. We actually fixed a welder. We built an Adirondack in Dan Beard, We repaired lighting and electrical at our Lodge #118… and generally got to do whatever we wanted all week. I swim the mile and had to qualify every day. Wed is half mile and Thursday is the Mile. A row boat is required and 2 adults needed to go float the mile also.

These guys that we pal around with are camp regulars. Paul and Donald and several others have been 5th week of camp since I have been going back. WE look forward to a big project from Dave and Keith every year. We got to build a Building.  We had two youth that had Birthdays and became Adults. They got to help build something at Camp that may last out their lifetime. Their kids may come up and sleep in the Adirondack. Working with others for a lifetime and making great friends and learning and perfecting new skills is the reason I come to camp each year. That and the Boys are learning to be men in an ever changing world.IMG_20160722_113325821

As my years roll by; I survived another year and now are 57′; I find myself looking back at what are the good old days. Some not so good and some not so old. I was reminded in the Vespers service on Friday night to keep looking Forward. I know the past is behind us and we must study or be doomed to repeat it. I need to look at the future and embrace the changes. It is increasingly difficult not to rest on my accomplishments and take the “I have earned it” seat in the recliner.  Making myself get up every morning and workout and watching what I eat and Drink makes me have longevity. I actually feel great. We change up the exercises and find “new muscles”… I still look forward to the daily workout with my friend Jay!


As I was leaving camp I was leaving one of my favorite spots to muse and think of

life. I took a picture coming in . One of my best views is the Blue ridge escarpment with my CRK in the hidden valley . I am always hopeful when I get off the Exit for 89 and Low


Keep looking forward and Great things Happen.

PS Vienna is a Class 3 … Whoop Whoop


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