BrookstownVienna Civic Club started doing a Food Booth at the Dixie Classic Fair years ago. I am part of the generation that could not continue that funding source . We had to find alternative sources to continue the Benevolence and Service to the Citizens of Vienna. The Vienna Booth was a top seller every year. Hot dogs,Hamburgers and french fries were a staple money maker. The world changed but we changed slower. We kept high quality and quantity. Our membership wanted a good old time value too.

Prices were kept in line and by the end we were taking in twice as much money but clearing less than half. We had an aging group. We could not stand to give hard-earned money to park either. We had to quit.

Lewisville Town was celebrating their 25th anniversary and wanted service groups to provide the setup, cleanup, food, vending , and show. Brookstown UMC, Vienna Civic Club, Troop 919, Wilson’s Garage of Pfafftown, And the Brookstown Ladies were invited to Show off, sell food and drink. Tim and Roberta were in the perfect storm. We  were heavily involved in all of the above. We agreed for almost all groups. We recruited, people responded, we gathered equipment, people responded. We bought food supplies, we cleaned and planned. We could not control the weather. It was HOT HOT HOT…

Every member of each group showed up and took their time on deck. Hot or not we had magnificent help. We almost killed 4 of my precious ladies. Thankfully Lewisville FD had a COLD Fire Safety Trailer. I put them into the cool with plenty to drink and offered  them rides back to their vehicles. WE sold nearly 300 cheeseburgers. We made gallons of lemonade. We sold lots of Water. The only thing that did not sell was the popcorn. That and Quilt tickets. You could see folks recoil from the question about a Quilt it was so HOT!

WE got Hot and drank lots of Water but all groups got exposure. We even made a little money. Youth from T-919 did a little service. Roberta and I  learned again… when someone celebrates an Anniversary We are in for a long days work!!!


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