Labor of Love

I have been following one of my Hero’s around to disaster areas since Hurricane Andrew in Miami and Homestead Florida. I think I did a training trip to the mountains of NC before I went down to Fla. I got to make 3 trips and dry in 2 homes. Roy Mendenhall lead all those trips. He had to break in several area representatives. We had strong teams. Nearly 20 members strong and great mix of rough carpenters like me and actual woodworkers. We had craftsmen, contractors, and finish carpenters. Roy carried the whole plan for action and supply chain. He knew what materials to get and tools we needed to keep the crew working.

Some trips we had multiple worksites. Roy could find the correct team members and tools mix for us to not only keep busy but productive. I have followed Roy on 15 weeklong trips and a few part week trips. Mostly with Western NC United Methodists.

WE have worked with hundreds of great folks. We have done our best to build and rebuild with God as our Hope and Redeemer.  We have had fun and Laughed at ourselves and our jokes. I have learned how to build and rebuild.

Our latest trip was after Hurricane Matthew and into SC with flood damaged area from a past storm. Matthew brought hundreds or thousands of trees down. Many were on projects already started. Johnsonville SC and surrounding areas had the NC and SC Baptist men coordinating. Our team was 4 this year. 2 really good carpenters and Tim and Glenn. We can do almost anything as directed. Roy and Bob make sure its up to code and pretty.

I have worked for many homeowners. All have been blessed by the service and were a blessing to us all. The homeowners have shown patience and compassion as they slowly watched their homes return. We have been able to share the gospel and be the gospel in action.

I am clearly amazed and blessed to see Love and concern for our fellow-man in action.  There were over 100 Baptists and many teams brought heavy equipment. Rebuilding was our mission but Sharing God’s Word was our Goal.

We were successful repairing a house and even more Showing God’s Love. At least 2 lives were brought to Salvation during our week. I saw the best from residents and towns folks. I saw America in Action. Thanks be to God.


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