A Blessing to Give

As Fire Chief I have a bunch of responsibility. I have duties assigned and almost never am I disappointed when some thing does not get done. Duties carried out year after year with little recognition. Volunteers and Staff living and working day after day ready at a moments notice to drop everything to come to the aid of their neighbor.

This Year Vienna had more fire loss than the last 10 years combined. Vienna tested rural water for an NCDOI Class 3. Every major fire in Vienna got into the attic and was stopped. WE designed and are having a new Brush truck built. We deployed 2 times with personnel and equipment for 7 days to Brunswick Co. flooding  and Lake Lure Party Rock Fire. WE incorporated the new training requirements and had Monday night training 48 times. We responded 621 times to calls for assistance. We had at least 2 CPR saves. We involved ourselves in the community through Food Drives, Fire Prevention, and Education, and Safety Awareness.

Vienna is unique with Volunteer Officers and Firefighters and 7 Full time Staff from Forsyth County. Held together by our love of Community and desire to respond to calls for Help. We are blessed to be located in such good strategic location that we have a Forsyth County EMS unit at Station 20  and Forsyth County 209 at the Station 21.

Our EMT’s came to the station for training 10 Monday nights. Our Instructor Mark Nichols keeps our interest with a great dialog and lesson plan on an ever changing medical pre-hospital care scenerio.

WE cannot do all this without the help of our surrounding Departments. Old Richmond, Lewisville, Forbush, Clemmons, and Winston-Salem. Forsyth County Emergency Services and every member of the Forsyth County Fire and Rescue Association.

Our Training has been enhanced by the Northwest campus of FTCC and the Staff of our training center. The coordination of Training by our Training Committee and Historic Piedmont Fire Seminar. Joe Ramsey has allowed Vienna to attend almost every structure burn he holds and this has made us Great. Thanks…

Leadership and responsibility and delegation work. Through all the needful requirements and meetings and sometimes terrible calls our members have continued to respond. Firefighters are the backbone of Vienna. Thanks for all you do and All the Officers do.

Remember some days all that is needed to help is your presence. You do not go unnoticed.



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