Leaders are involved in multiple facets of life. My life is as complex as a diamond with deep and intricate faces and the shinny and shallow glitter of simple pleasures. Leading involves not only motivating but providing clear direction. To lead you must have followers and of course in the wake of decision making those that disagree. My study information shows me that 10 percent die, and 10 percent leave with no reason. To just remain the same 20 percent must be attracted to the leader or cause and stick. Involvement in Fire Department, Church, Family , Business, Scouting, and a host of smaller groups and causes; gives me plenty of ways to lead and try multiple leadership styles. I am Commanding in my Fire Chief position. I display the Lewin Leadeship style of Authoritarian. Autocratic leaders should provide clear expectations for what needs to be done and when done and how it should be done. I need to provide a clear division between leadership and followers In my training role I must be a participative leader aka Democratic leadership. Offer guidance, participate, and allow input from group members. Delegative leadership is only used when highly motivated and qualified members are participating. Situations will necessitate the use of a strong decisionmaker to move the group at times. I have been taught that with each group of my life I will use the 3 major styles of leadership at times. There are also research that indicates further division of the leadership styles. I am a KISS man and an 80/20 believer. 3 styles of leadership are enough for me today. So whats the point! I am versitle enough to make changes in my style but will need the followers to accomplish my goals. So all that said then Here are a few Goals. 1. Write the stories of the Fire Department 2. Develop an automotive training program and plan 3. Hold my children and followers accountable 4. Have as much fun as possible 5. Attend as many Brookstown functions as possible 6. Make clear lists and communicate expectations . Kurt Lewin Leadership Styles About.com

This was my 2013 New Years Pledge.. I will reup for 2017



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