I am currently without a personal  dog. Let me clarify that statement. Roberta has a Dog… I have had a Family dog and a personal dog since I was in High School. Sheba became my dog as I did all the stuff at home to keep her fed and watered and run in and out. However I went off to College and Sheba stayed home.  I still got the vet bills and Sheba went with me and all my friends on camping trips and family outings. When I got married Sheba stayed with Mom. Sheba became Mom’s Dog.

I didn’t think I needed a dog but the dogs found me. BOO-Boo was the next dog. He showed up at the garage on a cold December day. We were used to having animals dropped off. Wilson’s was far enough out of the city that folks turned around and dropped off the unwanted animals. Boo-Boo was a small black lump of fur. He came in the door with the wind and crawled under the stove. He got warm and friendly. I claimed I would take the little dog to the pound….I took him home and straight to the Vet.

Boo-Boo  rode everywhere in the old orange truck. I fixed him a green carpet on top of my truck box in the back of the bed. I had a sliding window and Boo-Boo would jump out and surf the top of the box. Boo-Boo protected his Truck. He was a small short legged spaniel dog that had a Lab head and teeth.He would show you his teeth as a warning . I f you stopped whatever you were doing he just grinned at you. If you persisted in reaching or touchin his truck he barked really loud. If you persisted he would snap the air and next bite.

On the ground or in the shop Boo-Boo would let you pet him. On the Truck Never Mind! Boo-Boo learned his boundaries and stayed close. He stayed out of Yadkinville Rd but was lured astray by the smell of food. Boo-Boo died after gorging himself one night late after we moved to 6355 Yadkinville rd. I vowed no more dogs after burying this little piece of my heart. I was Wrong…

Mac found me after I was dogless for a few months. He was at Mock Tire heading to the pound. He came up and snuggled with me and did not leave me after I got there. I told Roberta we had to take another dog to the Vet.

Mac came about the same time as the orange truck. Orange #2 was Mac’s truck. Mac was a full size Lab with Hip dysplasia. Our Vet said he would not live a year and need to be put down. … Mac lived 13 years.. Ha!

Mac was Jim and Paul’s dog too. He was the ultimate family dog. Hiking, Camping, swimming, or sleeping Mac could hang in there.  Mac was a great comforter. He would sit and listen to us talk or patiently wait for us to arrive home after he grew up some. He and the cat would team up to eat stuff off our table. Cat would jump up and knock it off and Mac would chew it up.

Mac could do the tricks required for treats. He swam better than Boo-Boo but not as good as Sheba. He strayed just a little more. He needed a yearly reminder of his boundaries. He was a faithful companion for not only myself but the boys he helped to raise.

I am treated to a magnificent small lab mix named Patches as my Granddog. He really does not like anyone. He tolerates you until biscuit time or you get to know him. Since he comes to work with Jim ,Patches has learned his boundaries and become a great companion. When you get down Patches comes to help. He greets us like family every morning looking for a pat on the head or just in case A Biscuit!

I cannot finish with out Jo-Jo. Paul and Roberta rescued Jo-Jo from a family that rescued him from death. He seems to love them as well as our family. Jo-Jo is his own dog. He resisted training and still will not listen. Cat like? Anyway he love Roberta and Biscuits and Rides. He tolerates me but will find my lap as a last resort… Jo-Jo could care less about you talking or petting him. He is content only when HE IS CONTENT… Good God…

A good faithful companion most dogs have the temperament to just sit and listen. All my dogs have been a major comfort to all my family. They are happy to see you and sad to see you go. If asked they love to Ride. they love to look out the window at the endless opportunities. Dogs give unconditional love and forgive even your biggest indiscretions. Most communicate and even talk to you.

I have very seldom been sad in my life. I found talking to my dog almost as comforting as prayer to my God. It is a little strange coincidence that dog is God spelled backward and Man is given unconditional love, forgiveness and comfort. I think it is Not a coincidence. Man sometimes needs a listener and companion. Some men there is no Woman that can live with them but God gave Dogs.

Thanks for the Comfort and Love to all my Dogs past and present. GOOD DOG… SIT… STAY…


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