I wrote about my Dogs last week and said I did not have a personal dog. Jojo belonged to Roberta. I WAS WRONG AND MUST NOW APOLOGIZE AND EXPLAIN MYSELF…

I have 3 personal dogs. 1 lives with me and LOVES ROBERTA FIRST…. Jojo tolerates me but does sit in my lap, and allows me to feed him, and every once in a while will nuzzle his head into my leg. He still resisted any training from me. He still turns and runs the other way when I call. He usually will only sit with me if he is cold and Roberta is unavailable. All in all I have to claim him. Especially since He is the King…

I have 2 Grand dogs Patches and Mae… Neither can hold their LICKER… Patches is sneaky and will wait until you have your head turned and turn back… Bam he has licked your face or open mouth…Mae is more forward and is sneaky snake like licking the whole time she visits. Mae is very much a puppy and surprises you with unexplained growth. She is full of Energy and licks like a snake.. Wiggle worm is my nickname.

Patches is my kind of Dog. Sleek and Proud. He has a great knowledge bump and really knows how to get you to do all kinds of things for him. Biscuits, Kong, Rope, Frisbee and on and on…Patches will greet you enthusiastically and sit waiting for petting or just to go outside to run. I love to watch him run and run and run… Patches comes to work with Jim and I guess always will. I can call him my dog as he has learned what I needed. RESPECT FOR THE ROAD. We always sit before going out or across. Patches is Victoria’s Dog… He protects Her. I think Patches love Jim and Me but He has his heart on Victoria.

Life is Great having a granddog that goes home at night. I love all my doggies and REALLY DO NOT NEED OR WANT ANOTHER DOG…. Thank you very Much.

Love my Doggies… Especially JOJO, Patches and Mae…



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