My Great Friend Chuck Harmon came by the garage today and we mused about issues, the world and as alway a little “Fixing the World”… I enjoy bouncing Ideas and Thoughts off of Chuck. While we had parallel growing up experiences we had different Mentors and paths to adulthood.We share similar views on Loving our Neighbors and Eternal Rest and Jesus Christ. We both value history as  a lesson for the future and also a teacher for today.

I am always pleased when I find an adult that has more stories and reflections than I do. Sitting around a campfire or in front of groups of folks it is good to be able to listen and reflect. I have so many stories and feel the need to share that others joke I have numbered them and just now need to shout out a # for the old camping buddies. I really have twice that are numbered. I have been holding out on everyone. This is for my Friend Steve Tucker… At least thats what they told me when I woke UP!!!

Writing and talking to Chuck gave me some time of Reflection. I also responded to assist a family with an elderly patient. I am young in at least my mind. My body is going to give it up way before the brain goes I HOPE. Any way I reflected on the Saints of our Church and life in the 1800 to current. I imagined being able to go anywhere except working at or near the house or farm. I thought of the simple pleasures of crawdad hunting, traipsing through the woods exploring and finding the neat cool mineral springs. What a great time of life…

I thought about the ladies of the church quietly raising the children and making meals. Just cooking and cleaning up took all day. The struggle to survive and make a better life for the children sometimes only had 40-50 years compared to our 70-80 year lifespan. Men worked sunup to sundown in brutal heat and cold. Farming was spotty and could be a bust each year. Well more as time permits






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