Vienna Fire Department is very blessed with excellent training and staff for responding to automobile accidents. Little district with big city call volumes in the 90’s and 2000’s. Vienna had a mutual aid agreements and eventually merged with Mt. Tabor VFD in the Early 90’s. Vienna was on its way to being a great Extrication resource for the Forsyth County area. Capt. and then Asst. Chief Dennis Reneau was relentless on training and equipping the “new squad”. Vienna was a pioneer in lighter and safer Rescue Equipment.

Holmatro equipment was purchased and the training began. I did not know the difference in the equipment until I started teaching the rescue section of FFI&II using both Rescue 721 and Lewisville’s Rescue 611. Lewisville has Hurst… IE The Jaws of Life tm. Vienna pursued the Holmatro brand and eventually also bought the same brand. Hundreds of students cycled through the rescue classes and Vienna benefitted by having multiple Instructors teaching but also all the classes were open to Vienna membership to come on extrication Saturday and practice and help guide students.Of course Rescue on the West side benefited from Instructors at Vienna, Old Richmond, Lewisville and Forbush. Putting those tools to work on cars, trucks,busses and farm equipment.

Experience is a fickle teaching tool. Great jobs and learning experiences are magnificent. Bad experiences and bad habits can produce good results. The Bad can be learned and used over and over until the time comes when something catastrophic occurs and someone is injured or killed. IE. Using tools without safety glasses. Glass may never get in your eye or a hydraulic hose may never burst but if YOU ALWAYS WEAR YOUR ISSUED SAFETY GLASSES you will be fine.

Vienna and Mt. Tabor combined to run over 1200 calls per year. This is more than twice as many as most volunteers and even staff can run. This is a learning experience in itself. Wrecks totaled about 10 percent of the calls. Pin-ins were a bi-weekly occurrence. Extrications come at all hours in all kinds of weather. For 10 years we went to wrecks all around the old MT. Tabor district and assisted in the Station 6 area. This was in addition to the Vienna area. Accidents included Motor Vehicle accidents, Light truck and trailer, Heavy trucks and Tractor Trailers. Industrial and Farm accidents did happen. Experience piled up and knowledge was distributed to all that would listen and practice

Multiple jurisdictions, past bad experiences, Unified Command and getting to know all the players helped make the incidents run much more smoothly. The Police, Sheriffs office, WS City Fire and FCEMS found a consistent command structure, Strong Command and clear direction as to roles and responsibilities. Often times Vienna responded,   extricated the patients , helped package the  patients, and packed up to leave before the Police got the road blocked. Good for all involved. The Rescue incident with high loss of life and critical injuries produced adrenaline junkies with all they could handle. These calls flowed so fast that control and direction of incoming units was difficult. The need to get the patients into surgery ramped DOWN in time from the Golden Hour to the Platinum 10. We tried to extricate in 10 have 10 to drive or fly and 10 to assess in ED… National extrication averages were 30-40 minutes. Pressure, Pressure, Pressure… More on that later


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