I have poster that says ride the Wave of Change or get pounded by it!!!. My wave is constantly ebbing and flowing. I am on top of the Wave just about to ride for a while and then BAM I am looking up wondering how things grew so out of proportion? The changes seem to happen while I  am  Sleeping.

I have a High technology job that requires constant attention to detail and information. I employ several Automotive mechanics that require the cutting edge technology and information. I am constantly searching for better and more efficient ways to get the info I need. Best practices and  info from Thousands of other mechanics  are available except they all cost lots of DOLLARS. I have spent too much for too long on Info. I am looking to streamline my cost and the collective Internet is helping. Google anything and there are great videos and suggestions.

I am the MACHINE… That’s what everyone wants. HOOK IT TO THE MACHINE… I found out Years ago I AM THE MACHINE. I use  the tools of my trade. Voltmeter, Digital Oscilloscope, Vacuum Transducer, and Vacuum Pump. These Items make the Machine. We forgot one Item. Computer updates and INFORMATION… Sometimes fix the Vehicle with a simple plug in to the Computer. . Updates done free when in warranty period. Driven way to far and too long to get the warranty…

Never forget the seriously hard mechanical repairs. Many time called under car Services. Hard to deal with and time consuming. Rust and salt and time cause real issues with Time. That’s what I am selling. Time to get the Vehicle running and back to normal. The under hood services are time consuming. Front End and Under car is soon to b as tough as the proverbial Nails. Some repairs are time consuming but we have to take them  as they come.

Changes lately have been…Very Adult. and coming fast


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