Off we Go Again

Troop 919 is planning the yearly trip to Bear Island. Final preparations are tonight. My heart is looking forward to the trip. I am going to try to be a minimalist. Wet and warm or Sweaty and manageable. Rain is forecast and light wind. I have tried to get out in the wind and it is tough.

Bear Island is about 3 miles out from the Hammock’s Beach State Park.  We have chosen to be there before the water taxi starts. Less people and bears. The mosquitos will just be small ones that can only have lunch and not drag you back for dinner. Or if the wind keeps constant no bugs but hard to paddle.

The flat water training went well. There were two scouts that thought the both were in charge.They went zigzag down the lake. I think it got worked out. All preparations were done and we have a float plan!!!.

This will be the last trip that some adults can take it easy. You See… All our Scouts currently are trained in Tenting, Packing, arriving and departing, and setup and cleanup and takedown. From this point forward the Senior Youth and a few adults will make sure nobody Dies.

Our newest Scouts are coming in slowly this spring. Ravens are Cub scouts that have less than 1 year in the Troop. We have a senior youth and adult mentor the group toward advancement. We first try to get them ready to go camping. Spring is a great time to join. Time to get clothing and equipment before deadly weather. Moisture management is key. Don’t get too wet or let the sweat build up wetting you just as bad. Clothing has to be worn appropriate to the temperature.

The quote “Cotton Kills” is bandied about and it takes a Home living, vehicle driving, sheltered individual a while to get straightened out. We are never in the elements of WX long during our normal live. Staying outside for any length of time requires the correct clothing. Hiking and camping are in the elements 24hrs a day. Tents and tarps provide some protection against rain. Cool and Cold and Warm and Hot are completely different animals.  A beautiful day with a strenuous hike and then cloud cover can completely change the possibilities of just surviving to the ability of having fun too.

With some camping trips the possibility of loss of life is minimal. Some hazards are known and avoided. WX related issues are forecast. The canoe trip has added issues. Cold water hypothermia, drowning, and overexertion and exhaustion are possible with just a little wind and cool WX. The trip can be extremely fun also. Warm air and breezes and sand an sunshine. Little or no wind  and great food with perfect supervision are the normal for the Bear island trip… Hallelujah .

We will train for the rest!



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