There is never a more humbling experience then receiving an award of achievement. Some are recognition and some you strive to achieve. The Vigil Honor was an individual but group experience. I was honored but my service paled against what others have achieved in Scouting. Sitting in my first VNC was where it really hit home. Lists of individuals and achievements way longer than I had served or been alive. Well I have found 2 other such achievements in my Life. Silver Beaver and a little reception Troop 919 did for me on Bear Island.

The Silver Beaver Reception of 2017 honored 4 individuals that have given their lives to Scouting, community, and Service to fellow man. It was especially humbling to go Last and listen to the Biography of each and watch the faces. We were surrounded by both other Silver Beavers and Veterans of Scouting. The Historical association also gave lofty awards of achievement and merit.

I know I am busy and have a life of service…. There are others just like me in each and every community in the good old USA and possibly the world.  Our Scouting Service Awards are a reminder of how much everyone around does for his or her fellow man.

One of my seven deadly sins is Pride. I am proud of my accomplishments and the family of service I have had the chance to nurture. I really love it when one of my nurturees gets recognized. I pray I don’t let it get to my head.

This weekend was a total blur. Workweek and Silver Beaver Reception. Packing for a 6am start to canoe to Bear Island. Preparations for Adults and youth to survive and enjoy the trip to one of the North Carolina crown jewels. I take a trip to the coast every year. I enjoy the seemingly endless ocean. I love the solitude that even a crowded place can provide. Just walk a bit up or down the beach and alone!

We arrived with very little issue and found the T919 Adults and Youth unpacking the canoes and stuff. We set about getting waterproofed and packed for water. The youth leadership chose youth for the canoes and tent partners and we all shoved off. All canoes had patrol stuff and personal stuff. I backpacked so I could just carry whatever was needed. WE had very little issue and arrived at the dock in about an hour. We lunched and had less to carry on. We walked about a mile to our site. We setup and started enjoying the sun,sand and surf.

After we ate and cleaned up I walked up to the bathhouse to wash up and fill my water. I was met by Mike and we spent some time gazing at the constellations. When we got back the whole group forced me to sit and Thanks me for my Service 40 yrs and the Silver Beaver award. Then they went around the group and told Lasley stories. Some were hilarious and some were so touching  we got tears. I think there is no other tribute then to positively affect others lives. Thanks for showing me Why I continue to Participate.




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