Musing from the Gate

Few activities take as much effort and mental stress as working with traffic. Most of the time I am working in the Emergency situation and there is no solution to the traffic issue. The road is closed or blocked or multiple roads are closed. Other times I am parking cars and  answering questions. The questions and route map was the case this past SR7B Conclave at Camp Raven Knob. Many of the 1500 arrowmen that arrived Friday were Wahissa Lodge members. Many knew nothing about our lovely CRK.

Camp Raven Knob is a special place that causes many to return again and again. The physical challenges of walking around camp are special to CRK. Sometimes it is uphill both ways to your campsite. Finding the way around after driving halfway across the state can be a challenge. We had our best and brightest at the Gate to welcome Arrowmen from  across the State. Parking passes were emailed and mailed and talked about continually for the past few weeks. We knew most would still need a map highlighted to their campsite.

Parking for Conclaves is always a challenge. Everybody would like to have the vehicle near the site. We have tried to accommodate most. Some areas of Camp had real North Carolina mud. We Spent 24,000 dollars on gravel but still we had mud. Parking for most sites filled up by suppertime. We had overflow parking scheduled but rain had another plan. The rain arrived as most of our folks showed up at the Gate. Maps were still highlighted and questions were answered. Delegates, Lodge advisors, Section officers, Council executives and Wahissa folks all had to stop and pass through the Gate. Almost all were still in a friendly mood even though it was raining.

Folks started getting their vehicles stuck almost immediately.  Lucky for us and them Keith Cook was johnny on the spot and got most issues handled. We had 8 to 10 vehicles in sight from noon till about 8pm at the Gate on Friday. Logistics had about 20 youth and adults for the early work Friday and our numbers swelled to about 50 by the end of the day. It takes about all 20 to keep parking lots and street directions monitored. The gate itself took 8-10 meeting and greeting the folks arriving.  We kept Admin busy sending out for maps and sending our Wahissa folks to Registration in the Barnhardt Training Center. We kept a presence on the Gate until about Noon Saturday. We then shifted the Logistics command position to the Front porch of the Log Cabin. The Adults tried to make sure the Youth of the Lodge were able to join our Delegation at the events. We had a tremendous Youth Leader and he had a faithful following of hard workers.

Logistics worked with all other groups providing whatever it took to make things happen for our guests. Some of the members of Logistics did not eat inside until the Saturday evening meal. We stayed available on the radio for about 18 hours of the day Friday and Saturday. We worked tirelessly along side all of our other chairmen and went out of our way to listen in and help ease everyone’s pain. We got to see almost all of the arrowmen that came through CRK’s gate. We fielded thousands of questions and gave thousands of answers. Some were classic questions and others were very funny. One of my favorites was “Do you think it will Rain?”… “YES”… It will rain at Raven Knob. Put the top up and come have Fun…. We are #1 –18


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