Babies, Graduations, New Home ownership, Work, Vocation, Awards and More. These are the goals that can be attained and have been in this Spring 2017.  These are just a few of the goals that have been written, dreamed, or bam became the reality. The future is in the hands of those dreams and plans. The hard work to stay on task and finish the race is also the future. Even after the race and the winners and losers go home there is a new race to be run.

I have always said if I didn’t have a deadline I would never get anything done. I try to be diligent and keep my commitments. I have attained many of my Goals in life. I should quit saying I also. We is how my life has evolved. Roberta was sent by God and We have built the life the Lasley Family enjoys. We prayed about our business, our having children and our living quarters. Then hard work and patience have lead us to the best community and friends and family ties we have ever known.

Mom Lasley and Mom Gilstrap have guided us through our early years. Our extended Family with Brother Brian and Sister Kathy and Roberta’s Brother James and Sisters Cathy and Laura n Norman have given us opportunities we would never have enjoyed. Also Heaven sent. Working with Walter and Rick and Richard in the Fire Department has also been like family. Helping guide an organization that is based on a huge team effort is wonderful to watch succeed. Building a small business into a life and family supporting enterprise is also guided by God. Get involved in your Community.

Put Christ first. Pray about all major decisions. Do Your Best. Follow the Scout Motto and Do a Good Turn Daily. Listen to the gentle nudgings of God. Work hard. Relax Hard too.

Attain Goals. Congratulations



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