A simple thank you note. It lifts your spirit and causes that moment in time of remembrance. The simple note acknowledges and affirms that someone else got what was sent and appreciates you enough to give of their time in return. A Thank you. No matter if it is hastily written or long thought out letter of gratitude, the note matters. Some come quickly and others longer or never arrive. These are some of the Notes of my Life and Times of a simple community Man.

The memory is aided by some notes I have made and interviews to gain perspective and others tales that coincide with my stories.This is a Thank You to all who have served and assisted me in my Life in Vienna.

My Thanks will include Men n Women of our community and beyond. Fire Department Friends and Brothers n Sisters. Family. Close knit leaders in community and business. Some Thank Yous will be broad and far reaching. Others will be direct and very personal. ¬†Roberta, Jim, Paul, Brian, Annette, John, Benjamin, Walt and Kathy, Alex , Bolton, Mom, Rowena, James n John. Richard and Billy, JD and Clara, Marvin n Annie Mae, My Whole Scouting family, and Brookstown UMC, Vienna Civic Club, IGONC…

Tonight I want to start with Rick Goins.

Early memories of Rick are fun to think about and enjoy. We joined the Fire Department about the same time. We hung out at the station . We were youth members of nearby churches. We rode together to school on the bus and when Rick drove and Mom let me ride. We double dated, We cruised. We trained and trained and trained together. We were mentored by the same group of men. We learned about life and death… a lot of Death. We survived together. We are very different and very alike in many ways. Strong love of our Lord, Wives, Children, Community and Churches. We have pulled together as a group and as a Pair. (Pair of Niceuns).

I want to formally Thank You for the friendship, unity, commiseration, and happiness we have shared through the Years. I want you to know that I have seen with you the terrible things that humans do to each other and we have been called to help with. I thank you for standing with me as we buried many of our retired members of Vienna and Mt. Tabor. Thanks for being the friend I needed when we buried our friends and contemporaries. Thanks for making our community safer and a better place.

I remember following John Shore down a hallway with my nose to the wood floor. Vienna’s newest cadets were under the smoke layer pushing and pulling the hose toward the glow. Quickly we were patted on the shoulder and told to flow the line into the room. Rick cracked open the nozzle and cool fresh air was sucked past my nose as I struggled to hold the line so he could attack the fire. I took a deep breath and the heat and smoke dropped down on us . We were ready holding our breath waiting for the lift. Someone hollared and Rich shut down. The smoke layer rose slightly and the heat was replaced by warm smoky air. We backed out on command and spitting and sputtering arrived outside. We had attacked our first Fire. Training fire. I have followed Rick and he has followed me over the years.

I have many stories of our friendship but I cannot tell them all. I do know that if I need help I can Call Rick.



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