Father’s reflection


Surrounded by family, not smothered but wrapped in some loving arms. Camping with thousands is very intimate at times. Long walks on the beach, sitting n reflecting, and quiet time after all have gone to bed.

I am blessed with a Mom that let community men help raise me. My dad’s were many. To those still alive… JD Beroth, Bob May ,Tom Wright… Thanks. N I think you would be proud at your Grandsons n Family

Train up a child…. Proverbs… Thanks

Thanks Ya’ll

Thanks Ya’ll

A simple thank you note. It lifts your spirit and causes that moment in time of remembrance. The simple note acknowledges and affirms that someone else got what was sent and appreciates you enough to give of their time in return. A Thank you. No matter if it is hastily written or long thought out letter of gratitude, the note matters. Some come quickly and others longer or never arrive. These are some of the Notes of my Life and Times of a simple community Man.

The memory is aided by some notes I have made and interviews to gain perspective and others tales that coincide with my stories.This is a Thank You to all who have served and assisted me in my Life in Vienna.

My Thanks will include Men n Women of our community and beyond. Fire Department Friends and Brothers n Sisters. Family. Close knit leaders in community and business. Some Thank Yous will be broad and far reaching. Others will be direct and very personal.  Roberta, Jim, Paul, Brian, Annette, John, Benjamin, Walt and Kathy, Alex , Bolton, Mom, Rowena, James n John. Richard and Billy, JD and Clara, Marvin n Annie Mae, My Whole Scouting family, and Brookstown UMC, Vienna Civic Club, IGONC…

Tonight I want to start with Rick Goins.

Early memories of Rick are fun to think about and enjoy. We joined the Fire Department about the same time. We hung out at the station . We were youth members of nearby churches. We rode together to school on the bus and when Rick drove and Mom let me ride. We double dated, We cruised. We trained and trained and trained together. We were mentored by the same group of men. We learned about life and death… a lot of Death. We survived together. We are very different and very alike in many ways. Strong love of our Lord, Wives, Children, Community and Churches. We have pulled together as a group and as a Pair. (Pair of Niceuns).

I want to formally Thank You for the friendship, unity, commiseration, and happiness we have shared through the Years. I want you to know that I have seen with you the terrible things that humans do to each other and we have been called to help with. I thank you for standing with me as we buried many of our retired members of Vienna and Mt. Tabor. Thanks for being the friend I needed when we buried our friends and contemporaries. Thanks for making our community safer and a better place.

I remember following John Shore down a hallway with my nose to the wood floor. Vienna’s newest cadets were under the smoke layer pushing and pulling the hose toward the glow. Quickly we were patted on the shoulder and told to flow the line into the room. Rick cracked open the nozzle and cool fresh air was sucked past my nose as I struggled to hold the line so he could attack the fire. I took a deep breath and the heat and smoke dropped down on us . We were ready holding our breath waiting for the lift. Someone hollared and Rich shut down. The smoke layer rose slightly and the heat was replaced by warm smoky air. We backed out on command and spitting and sputtering arrived outside. We had attacked our first Fire. Training fire. I have followed Rick and he has followed me over the years.

I have many stories of our friendship but I cannot tell them all. I do know that if I need help I can Call Rick.


That Feeling … Some may never Understand

That Feeling … Some may never Understand

There was nobody in 12 counties that did not know a Tornado was on the ground in Iredell, Davie, Yadkin, and Stokes counties. The system and Social media worked as planned. Devastation and Chaos spread through the 4 counties. Wx networks tracked the Tornados every move. Reporters sped to the source of the damage reports fast enough to warn others in adjacent counties.  Fire, Police, and EMS along with Emergency Management responded to help. Old fire dogs called in their locations in case of standby or Help Needed.

The urge to help your neighbor gets stronger as you gain experience. Proper knowledge and Equipment coupled with training causes even more readiness. Knowing past history or past experience when “All Hands were Working” makes it even harder to stay put and wait for the CAll.

The Storm had many busy. Wx folks were filled with the need to warn others. Especially after the storm reports started coming to the newsrooms. Many stopped what they were doing just to get ready. I personally got my house in order to have to leave. My family was getting together to Eat. Perfect timing. FF always leave during meals. I don’t know Why but thats when calls come in.

If you have answered the Call you know the pull to answer the next. Adrenaline junkies or just extremely valuable assets or cannon fodder it does not matter. We all get that FEELING.

Labor for the Future

Labor for the Future

I spent the best part of the day attending an IGONC Board meeting.

The Independent Garage Owners of North Carolina (IGONC) was established by a group of dedicated garage owners in August of 1959 to help members deal with the many challenges that face owner-operators of independent garages in the State of North Carolina. (igonc.com)

2017 is no different. Owners and Technicians need the group support available to over 400 shops in NC. The IGONC family has an Executive Director and Executive assistant  working everyday to find discounts, legislative assistance, and preparing for the ASTESHOW.com. We gather in the Fall and have a Trade Show, Nationally recognized speakers and trainers, and group interdynamics.

Mark Your Calendars!

September 29-30th, 2017 is a must attend date as IGO presents ASTE 2017. Shop owners, service advisors & technicians will be able to take part in the largest automotive aftermarket event held in the Carolinas. This event has some of the nation’s top trainers delivering cutting edge information at a price that one would expect to pay for one seminar.

Event Highlights

  • Automotive Tradeshow on Saturday
  • 2 Days Full of High Tech Automotive Training
  • 16 Management & Technical Seminar

I am a committed member trying to share my success and make the Auto repair industry better. My 2 Sons are entering the business and I want them to enjoy the great collaboration I had through the Years.

Electronics and Technology have helped but also create issues on their own, How to Get and keep customers, How to get and keep Technicians, and Why can I not pay my Bills… I have been Busy ?

Our Website IGONC.Com, and ASTESHOW.com are Loaded with information and can help Owners, Service Advisors, and Technicians. WE also Have a Facebook Page.

Like Us on Facebook and Twitter



Babies, Graduations, New Home ownership, Work, Vocation, Awards and More. These are the goals that can be attained and have been in this Spring 2017.  These are just a few of the goals that have been written, dreamed, or bam became the reality. The future is in the hands of those dreams and plans. The hard work to stay on task and finish the race is also the future. Even after the race and the winners and losers go home there is a new race to be run.

I have always said if I didn’t have a deadline I would never get anything done. I try to be diligent and keep my commitments. I have attained many of my Goals in life. I should quit saying I also. We is how my life has evolved. Roberta was sent by God and We have built the life the Lasley Family enjoys. We prayed about our business, our having children and our living quarters. Then hard work and patience have lead us to the best community and friends and family ties we have ever known.

Mom Lasley and Mom Gilstrap have guided us through our early years. Our extended Family with Brother Brian and Sister Kathy and Roberta’s Brother James and Sisters Cathy and Laura n Norman have given us opportunities we would never have enjoyed. Also Heaven sent. Working with Walter and Rick and Richard in the Fire Department has also been like family. Helping guide an organization that is based on a huge team effort is wonderful to watch succeed. Building a small business into a life and family supporting enterprise is also guided by God. Get involved in your Community.

Put Christ first. Pray about all major decisions. Do Your Best. Follow the Scout Motto and Do a Good Turn Daily. Listen to the gentle nudgings of God. Work hard. Relax Hard too.

Attain Goals. Congratulations



I have poster that says ride the Wave of Change or get pounded by it!!!. My wave is constantly ebbing and flowing. I am on top of the Wave just about to ride for a while and then BAM I am looking up wondering how things grew so out of proportion? The changes seem to happen while I  am  Sleeping.

I have a High technology job that requires constant attention to detail and information. I employ several Automotive mechanics that require the cutting edge technology and information. I am constantly searching for better and more efficient ways to get the info I need. Best practices and  info from Thousands of other mechanics  are available except they all cost lots of DOLLARS. I have spent too much for too long on Info. I am looking to streamline my cost and the collective Internet is helping. Google anything and there are great videos and suggestions.

I am the MACHINE… That’s what everyone wants. HOOK IT TO THE MACHINE… I found out Years ago I AM THE MACHINE. I use  the tools of my trade. Voltmeter, Digital Oscilloscope, Vacuum Transducer, and Vacuum Pump. These Items make the Machine. We forgot one Item. Computer updates and INFORMATION… Sometimes fix the Vehicle with a simple plug in to the Computer. . Updates done free when in warranty period. Driven way to far and too long to get the warranty…

Never forget the seriously hard mechanical repairs. Many time called under car Services. Hard to deal with and time consuming. Rust and salt and time cause real issues with Time. That’s what I am selling. Time to get the Vehicle running and back to normal. The under hood services are time consuming. Front End and Under car is soon to b as tough as the proverbial Nails. Some repairs are time consuming but we have to take them  as they come.

Changes lately have been…Very Adult. and coming fast

More History

More History

My Great Friend Chuck Harmon came by the garage today and we mused about issues, the world and as alway a little “Fixing the World”… I enjoy bouncing Ideas and Thoughts off of Chuck. While we had parallel growing up experiences we had different Mentors and paths to adulthood.We share similar views on Loving our Neighbors and Eternal Rest and Jesus Christ. We both value history as  a lesson for the future and also a teacher for today.

I am always pleased when I find an adult that has more stories and reflections than I do. Sitting around a campfire or in front of groups of folks it is good to be able to listen and reflect. I have so many stories and feel the need to share that others joke I have numbered them and just now need to shout out a # for the old camping buddies. I really have twice that are numbered. I have been holding out on everyone. This is for my Friend Steve Tucker… At least thats what they told me when I woke UP!!!

Writing and talking to Chuck gave me some time of Reflection. I also responded to assist a family with an elderly patient. I am young in at least my mind. My body is going to give it up way before the brain goes I HOPE. Any way I reflected on the Saints of our Church and life in the 1800 to current. I imagined being able to go anywhere except working at or near the house or farm. I thought of the simple pleasures of crawdad hunting, traipsing through the woods exploring and finding the neat cool mineral springs. What a great time of life…

I thought about the ladies of the church quietly raising the children and making meals. Just cooking and cleaning up took all day. The struggle to survive and make a better life for the children sometimes only had 40-50 years compared to our 70-80 year lifespan. Men worked sunup to sundown in brutal heat and cold. Farming was spotty and could be a bust each year. Well more as time permits